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Changing healthcare, together.

OnlineMedEd is proud to partner with Butterfly Network. The Butterfly iQ is the world's first single-probe, whole-body ultrasound device that plugs right into your phone or tablet and fits in your pocket. The Butterfly iQ helps doctors make faster, more confident decisions, giving them time back to focus on what really matters—patient care.

OnlineMedEd members receive a free $49 holster with their Butterfly iQ purchase. To redeem your free holster, forward your Butterfly iQ order confirmation to OME@butterflynetwork.com.

Get Started
Choosing the Right Preset
Adjusting the Overall Gain
Adjusting Depth
Proper Hand Positioning
Rotating the iQ
Sliding the iQ
Fanning the iQ
Using Compression
Time Gain Compensation (TGC)
Lung - Lung Point
Lung - B-Lines
Soft Tissue/MSK - Knee Effusion
Cardiac - Dilated Cardiomyopathy
FAST - Positive Pelvis Window
Aorta - Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
Renal - Pyelonephritis
Biliary - Wall Echo Shadow (WES)
Cardiac - Pericarditis
Cardiac - Apical-4 (AP4) Anatomy
Soft Tissue/MSK - Hip Effusion

Step 1. Order using the button below
Step 2. Forward your confirmation email to OME@butterflynetwork.com.

Note: Probe and Holster may arrive separately.

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