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OnlineMedEd Frequently Asked Questions

We've made some recent changes! Got questions? Let's help you sort it out.

I got a password reset email. Is this real?

Yes. Please click here to move into the new platform. 

You've mentioned the new OnlineMedEd. What do I need to know?

First, let’s rip the band-aid off. We are no longer able to offer all our videos for free. Doing so would mean we could no longer sustain our business and in turn, not accomplish our mission. We recognize the disruption this could cause for you, so we’ve created many new paths to access our content. There are thirty-eight full lessons available at no cost, we are creating a free trial that gives full access for a limited time, and we have multiple pricing options that were created based on feedback from customers like you.

More important is why we’ve made this change; why we are the NEW OnlineMedEd. We are driven, more than ever, to enable the success of anyone who has the courage to become a healthcare professional. The journey through medical school is an incredible challenge and is one that can exact a heavy toll. It will always be a high-pressure path and one not fit for everyone, but there are certain aspects that don’t have to be as difficult as they are. Additional stress, loss of time, and increased financial burden due to a multitude of different learning resources simply doesn’t have to be "just how it is". Your health—your mental, physical, social, and financial health—matters too.

OnlineMedEd exists to provide a better, healthier, singular path to success. We exist to provide a more effective and efficient learning experience so you can live your life, enjoy the journey, and successfully move from the books to the bedside. To offer you that, we must invest in our solutions— our videos and the entire learning ecosystem they live within—to make the impact we’ve set out to make. Every subscription to OnlineMedEd goes towards the ongoing optimization of our product. Every one of you helps us make the difference we know is so very needed in medical education. 

Thank you for your understanding, your consideration, and for allowing us to help you with the journey ahead.

A Message from
Dr. Dustyn Williams

Come with us to the new OnlineMedEd.

What's changed with your OnlineMedEd platform?
We’ve updated the OnlineMedEd platform, so you now get: 

  • Even more intuitive navigation between courses 

  • A course player that walks you through the lessons and different modes of learning 

  • An enhanced search of materials and content

  • A better overall user experience

  • Downloadable Anki flashcards and audio files for on the go

Check out our selection of sample lessons with access to all four modes of learning on the Student Resources page.

I got a password reset email. Is this real? What do I do?

Yes, this is really from us. This is needed to move you to the new OnlineMedEd platform. Please click reset here to move into the new platform. Please note your progress on work you've gotten through won't be able to be moved into the new platform, so take whatever notes you need to before you move over.

I'm a free user who registered before but I still see your videos?

We gave the heads up to our free users in email on Feb. 9th this change is coming and will be made on March 1st. As of March 1st, you'll have access to free sample lessons on our Student Resources page under the Resources tab. 

I'm a paid user and nothing has changed yet for me - what's going on?

For our paid users, you will have the option to moving to the new platform in late May. In the meantime, you can request to be moved by our Customer Success team if you don't want to wait. This should affect you less as you'll still have access to everything but will get to look at the new OnlineMedEd platform that features a course player in an organized and streamlined interface.

I'm a paid user and I want to move to the new OnlineMedEd platform. What do I do?

Contact help@onlinemeded.org and we can help move you over. 

My school pays for OnlineMedEd and nothing has changed yet for me - what's going on?

For our institutional users, it will be up to their school when they want to go to the new OnlineMedEd platform. We think most will not want to disrupt anything during the academic year and you'll more likely see changes in the next academic year. This should affect you less as you'll still have access to everything.

My school assigned free videos as part of our classes. What do we do now?

Our Institutional Success team would be happy to speak to anyone at your institution to figure out the best path forward. Contact them here.

Do you have any group discounts?

We are very excited to introduce discounts via two new programs for students. The first is our Student Ambassador program. Simply put, you can get a group discount for your friends. Get 20 of your classmates to sign up for OnlineMedEd and we’ll give them a discount. To thank you for that hard work as the organizer, we’ll give you (the organizer of the 20 people) an OnlineMedEd subscription for 3 months for free! Contact marketing@onlinemeded.org for details. 

I'd love to bring OnlineMedEd to my school? How do I do that?

We have a Student Liaison program. If you as a student sit on a committee or play a role in recommending what resources your institution should purchase, we’ll connect you with our Institutional Success team. We have a whole team of former academics who would be happy to go over our curriculum with them. Email help@onlinemeded.org to get you connected.

I still have questions. Where do I go?

Definitely check out the OnlineMedEd Help Center or contact us!